Quartz composite raw stone ring LapisNox

30,00 (226,04 kn)

Quartz composite raw stone, Perfectly Imperfect one of the kind handmade ring. Each ring is inevitably one of a kind considering that the stone during processing breaks each time in an unrepeatable way.



This stone ring is truly a special and unique piece of jewelry for women that fits in almost any occasion or outfit.

The black granit stone ring is a decorative item unique in the world ( as far as we know) by the way it is shaped. Its massive, rough appearance gives the impression that it has just been torn out of a rock.

The stone, by its nature, takes over body warmth, the shape of the stone adapts to adjacent fingers, and the design and appearance of the ring inevitably attract attention.

Very cool and light!
Each ring is a piece of unique jewelry!
Jewelry is processed in a way to evoke the natural look of the raw stone.

The outer ring diameter: approx 28 mm – 0,94 inch

The inner diameter of the ring:
18,2 mm – US 8
17,4 mm – US 7
16,5 mm – US 6
15,7 mm – US 5

Mass: approx. 5 gram / 0.18 ounce

Note: Due to different computer screen setting and lighting effect when the photo was taken. Product may appear differently from itself.


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Weight24 g

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