Orgone pendant Aventurine Necklace HALONA

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The orgonite pendant is made with Aventurine crystal , mountain crystal, bionized sand, metal shavings in a resin mixture. Each orgonite is made from selected and energetically purified crystals obtained from reliable sources.This orgonite pendant was created with Aventurine and clear quartz(mountain crystal).

*Aventurine – Wealth, Balance, Happiness, Success /  Horoscope: Cancer, Aquarius

It is believed that it creates a sense of creativity, imagination, mental clarity, increases well-being, brings success in the career, and always helps us find an alternative solution. It has the strongest effect when placed on the heart chakra, where it softens our excessive emotions and turns them into joy. It restores your inner strength and peace. Aventurine is a stone that relaxes and gives tranquility to dreams. It is associated with the stone of luck in games of chance.
Medicinal properties: Protects the heart chakra from external sources of energy. Its vibrations have a positive effect on heart diseases caused by emotional overload, stress and permanent restlessness. It also works on psychological problems. It relieves chronic headaches, migraines, stimulates tissue change, lowers cholesterol levels, and has a preventive effect on arteriosclerosis and heart attack.

The mountain crystal is the “stone of all stones”. It acts as a catalyst and energy transformer. It converts negative energy into positive and amplifies the action of other crystals and stones.

Honestly and bravely designed and made in Croatia!

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Orgonites are energy devices consisting of metals, crystals, resin and copper coils that convert negative energy into positive. They are constantly emitting orgone energy that will raise the level of functioning of our bio-field. They are used to purify the environment, aid in healing as well as improve plant growth. Spaces with orgonites are characterized by an abundance of healthy energy that affects our body. Holders of the orgonite necklace experience changes that are manifested in calmness, spiritual development and focus, and can support healing with their specific composition.All items are homemade with love and positive energy.

*Orgonite explanation card are included with each purchase.

*Note: Each pendant is handmade and unique, Due to different computer screen setting and lighting effect when the photo was taken. Product may appear differently from itself.

*Disclamer: Orgonites are no medicine

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