Crystal pendant/necklace Jasper Mokait Necklace HALONA

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The Crystal pendant/necklace is made with Jasper Mokait crystal , mountain crystal, bionized sand, metal shavings in a resin mixture. Each orgonite is made from selected and energetically purified crystals obtained from reliable sources.This Crystal pendant/necklace was created with Jasper Mokait and clear quartz(mountain crystal).

*Jasper Mokait
Passion, Love, Motivation, Focus
Horoscope: Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces
Basic chakra: Throat, Solar plexus
Spiritual meaning: Jaspis Mokait works against stress and negative thoughts. it helps to find the necessary peace in every situation. It calms the mind and helps us to accept the truth, to become aware of thoughts that disturb us and to make important decisions essential for progress. Bring us motivation and gokus so that we can reach the goal more easily. Mokait restores personal energy and facilitates a new beginning. It is considered a powerful aphrodisiac and helps achieve a quality sex life.
Medicinal properties: Jaspis Mokait helps in the treatment of various fractures and swellings, inflammation in the oral cavity, relieves dry cough, activates the work of the liver, spleen and purifies the blood. It strengthens immunity, relieves stress, helps with stuttering.

The mountain crystal is the “stone of all stones”. It acts as a catalyst and energy transformer. It converts negative energy into positive and amplifies the action of other crystals and stones.

Honestly and bravely designed and made in Croatia!

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All items are homemade with love and positive energy.

*Crystal pendant/necklace explanation card are included with each purchase.

*Note: Each pendant is handmade and unique, Due to different computer screen setting and lighting effect when the photo was taken. Product may appear differently from itself.

*Disclamer: Crystal pendant/necklace are no medicine

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