Crystal pendant/necklace Fluorite Necklace HALONA

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The Crystal pendant/necklace is made with Fluorite crystal , mountain crystal, bionized sand, metal shavings in a resin mixture. Each orgonite is made from selected and energetically purified crystals obtained from reliable sources.This orgonite pendant was created with Fluorite and clear quartz(mountain crystal).

Concentration, Development, Peace, Protection
Horoscope: Gemini, Aquarius, Pisces
Basic chakra: depending on the color, but at most the third eye
Spiritual meaning: Fluorite is a stone of genius. It enhances attention and concentration, eliminates fear, and increases mental capacity. It will encourage spiritual and psychological integrity and development, truth, protection and bring peace. It is good for cleaning the aura and encourages healthy self-love. Protects against bad energomagnetic radiation. Each color has its effect on a particular chakra. The most important colors are purple and blue, which support us in spiritual development. In ancient Chinese medicine, it is known as a medicine against age-related senility.
Medicinal properties: It is useful for the stomach, intestines, against infections, for teeth and bones. Strengthens and protects the heart chakra. Purple Flourit has a positive effect on relieving headaches and migraines.

The mountain crystal is the “stone of all stones”. It acts as a catalyst and energy transformer. It converts negative energy into positive and amplifies the action of other crystals and stones.

Honestly and bravely designed and made in Croatia!

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All items are homemade with love and positive energy.

*Crystal pendant/necklace explanation card are included with each purchase.

*Note: Each pendant is handmade and unique, so the photos shown in the description are not always the same as the pendant that will arrive at your address

*Disclamer: Crystal pendant/necklace are no medicine

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