Silver Chain with Onyx pendant 7 Lapis Nox

50,00 (376,73 kn)

The necklace features a silver chain that delicately drapes around the neck, providing a sleek and shiny backdrop for the stunning pendant that hangs from it. The pendant is crafted from a smooth and polished white onyx crystal, which glows with a subtle iridescence when it catches the ligt.
The onyx crystal is cut into an elegant shape, with the narrow end pointing downwards towards the chest. The metal dust decorations are finely ground metallic particles that have been carefully applied to the surface of the onyx pendant, creating a mesmerizing pattern of shimmering speckles. This necklace is a true statement piece, combining the organic beauty of natural crystal with the sophisticated shine of precious metals. It would make a stunning addition to any jewelry collection and is sure to turn heads wherever it’s worn. Honestly and bravely designed and made in Croatia!
is unique product is a candle holder made out of the marble stone composite. In tin can there are two unique candle holders square shape with scented candles. Honestly and bravely designed and made in Croatia!

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Chain dimensions:
Dimensions of the pendant:

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Dimensions93 × 93 × 120 mm