Handmade brass Ring pe.po stuff

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Light Unique Perfectly Imperfect one of the kind handmade brass ring. Honestly and bravely designed and made in Croatia.

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Brass is quality and durable material so jewelry with proper maintenance can last for decades. A few maintenance tips: Wipe with a dry cloth Over time, brass can change color, but the golden glow is easily restored by immersion in acidic liquids such as vinegar, lemon juice, etc. If necessary, you can polish it with polishing paste. Protect from moisture so that the jewelry retains its original golden yellow color for as long as possible. Brass is a natural material and reacts to its environment, especially to moisture and chemicals, including the cosmetics you use.

Don’t worry if your brass jewelry changes color from yellow gold to red or brown gold over time, it’s common. You can give him first aid in just four simple steps:

1. Immersion in acidic liquids such as tomato juice, lemon juice, Coca-Cola or alcoholic vinegar will soften the surface layer and make cleaning easier. It is very important that you always keep pearls, corals and other beads outside the surface of the acidic liquid so that their shine is not damaged,

2. After five minutes of soaking, gently rub the surface with a brush or fingers, because then the darkened layer under which the beautiful golden color is waiting for you is removed.

3. Rinse with clean water so that the acid does not continue to corrode the brass.

4.The last step is to wipe with a dry cloth. Don’t skip it because chlorides in the water can leave white stains on the brass surface. If this happens, you can remove them by repeating this procedure.




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