Recycle and wear

Nina Bešlić attended the High School of Fine Arts in Split (she graduated from the industrial department), and in 2004 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (academic painter). She works as a visual artist participating in solo and group exhibitions. She has won two awards and several grants for artistic creation. In collaborations, she realized seven projects (two exhibition and five educational). She launches two independent projects: the design project “Recycle And Wear” and educational “Creative Atelier”.

Recycle and Wear is a story born at a personal and artistic turning point. It contains the artistic expression and love of nature through the principles of up-cycling. The story unites fine art and recycling discarded materials. It promotes a love of nature by reusing existing materials. Redesign, reuse and redesign objects and materials in our immediate environment the backbone of  Recycle and Wear. Bags, windbreakers, raincoats and skirts made of advertising banners perfectly withstand the weather. All products are handmade made in the studio, in Croatia.